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Protective masks - but which ones? 3PLY disposable masks type I: Type I medical face masks are used on patients to reduce the risk of the spread of infection, especially in epidemic or pandemic situations. 3 PLY disposable masks type II: These are generally intended for use by medical specialists in an operating room or other medical facilities with similar hygienic requirements. There are also differences with regard to the bacterial filter performance that these masks have to meet in a standardized test: For type I masks, the figure is 95  Type II masks 98 of all bacteria that need to be filtered. FFP 2 or 3 When dealing with corona-infected patients, it makes sense if the medical or nursing staff wears a particle-filtering respirator mask of at least type FFP2 or better FFP3 masks to protect against their own infection, and the patients at the same time wear a surgical mask of at least type I better type II wear.gen.
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